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Of Strategy and Muli Projectmanagement

The current Project

I have several projects at the moment: On the one hand, I am in charge of the Backseat Entertainment System (Vehicle), as project manager. For this particular client, am also responsible for testing. I currently have a project in Hamburg, which involves the creation of a specification for an ERP system and my third project at the moment is about electronics. We are currently introducing a system to give preference to those orders that bring in the highest turnover per month. My fourth project is about data research and filling the database in order to be able to evaluate the productivity of machine production. Lastly, I am also the project manager for the introduction of shop floor management.

How do you manage all that simulataneously?

The most important thing is time management. I have to say, though, it is normal for me, and not uncommon in our industry sector. It is just a matter of habit. The actual challenge is the duality between improving IMIG and satisfying our clients. Beyond my own, there are even more extensive and exciting projects at the moment and we really need people to help us realising them.

In the past few months we have grown substantially in the UK, for instance. For IMIG Germany, however, such growth is still pending. I have to invest more time operative matters rather than the strategic aspects that are required to develop IMIG.

Our Services

Digitalisation of Processes (TULIP)

This allows us to quickly digitalise entire production processes so that we can offer analyses & evaluations and thus create transparency. Our partner can literally do anything and everything. However, it is important to define what exactly you want from it in advance. It's about a clear definition of goals, and the implementation is then very simple. This of course does not mean that you cannot just get started. TULIP has a very good "university", i.e. a knowledge database paired with a support, and is enormously helpful.

Analysis of Data and Visualisation

Digital Applications for Consultants

System Landscapes


- Christian Pfingstl (EVP Germany)


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