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Welcome to the top!

Some corporate consultancy firms have a tendency to rely on visually appealing PowerPoint presentations – and a tendency to avoid providing concrete implementation measures. At IMIG, we take a completely different approach, and we have done so for over 20 years already. We place great value on smart strategy and innovation management, but only if it proves effective during implementation.

Our consultants are skilled in dealing with both top management as well as production workers. And this is owed to their respective professional backgrounds: at IMIG, we employ experienced consultants who have proven themselves on the workbench. Most of them worked in same industry sectors, having 10 to 20 years of experience under their belts. We do not abide by the motto “the right PowerPoint presentation wins over”. Instead, we serve as an experienced mountain guide with plenty of experience making it to the top. And we have only reached the top once a project actually performs well after implemented – only then do we allow ourselves to call it a successful project.

Our consultants have lots of experience helping others make it to the top. They cooperate with clients in the role of competent guides to lead clients up to their individual path to success. While other consultancy firms prefer to provide clients with pretty roadmaps, we actually accompany you and your team to the top. WORLDWIDE.

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